Led by our top pros from both the agronomic and irrigation industries, our mission is to design, install and maintain irrigation systems that will consistently perform in top mechanical condition, and help save water.

Focusing on best-management practices to allow plant material to thrive, our carefully trained veteran technicians seek solutions addressing the specific needs of the properties we serve, taking in drainage, soil makeup, level of sunlight penetration, plant palette, and more while providing a friendly customer experience.

A Light Touch

We are honored to work closely with many of the region’s leading Landscape Architects, landscape designers, landscape contractors and custom builders. We are often working on well established sites with carefully detailed plant palettes, including heritage trees with vulnerable root masses. Our technicians work carefully (both above and below the surface) to enhance – and not harm – sensitive plant material.

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Top Quality Products

With accumulated years of experience in irrigation, our design team and technicians are aware of a variety of top manufacturer options for best watering solutions. From leading-edge heads and nozzles… to drip technology… to advanced control options… we seek best mechanical solutions to plant health and sustainable water management

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Award Winning Collabrorations

We have worked closely with leading trade professionals on dozens of award winning projects. These pros challenge us to deliver a superior solution to water management. While we often follow the landscape designers lead on watering stratagem, we also strive to meet – and exceed – our customer’s expectations.

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Water Conservation

As the irrigation industry moves to solve tightening water resources, Outdoor Illumination is continually researching and implementing water saving resources to our systems. Some of these measures are also available on existing irrigation systems.

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Our Portfolio