Outdoor Irrigation Management is led by top pros from both the agronomic and irrigation industries. Our mission is to design, install and maintain irrigation systems that will consistently perform in top mechanical condition and help save water. Further, our focus is on best-management practices to allow plant material to thrive. All properties are unique as conditions vary from property to property. Drainage, soil makeup, level of sunlight penetration, plant palette and more are unique challenges our properties face. Our carefully trained veteran technicians seek solutions that will address the specific needs of the properties we serve as we work hard to provide a friendly customer experience.

We work hard to provide a friendly customer experience.

A Light Touch

We are honored to work closely with the region’s leading Landscape Architects, landscape designer, landscape contractor and custom builders. We often find ourselves working on established sites with carefully detailed plant palettes, including heritage trees with vulnerable root masses. Our techs work carefully to enhance, and not damage, plant material – above and below the surface.

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Top Quality Products

With accumulated years of experience in irrigation, our design team and technicians are aware of a variety of top manufacturer options for best watering solutions. From leading-edge heads and nozzles… to drip technology… to advanced control options… we seek best mechanical solutions to plant health and sustainable water management

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Award Winning Collabrorations

We have worked closely with leading trade professionals on dozens of award winning projects. These pros challenge us to deliver a superior solution to water management. While we often follow the landscape designers lead on watering stratagem, we also strive to meet – and exceed – our customer’s expectations.

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Water Conservation Project

As we focus on reducing our footprint on our planet, several states have passed laws tightening water efficiency standards, with other states soon to follow. As the Irrigation Industry moves to meet these objectives, Outdoor Irrigation Management is introducing water saving products in all our new system installations beginning this year. These products also available for existing systems, help protect water supplies by consuming less water, which in turn also saves our customers money.

Please contact us at 888-336-4999 or email us at service@outdoorillumination.com to get a free estimate for how we can retro-fit YOUR existing system to one that helps conserve our most precious natural resource.

Best of all, these upgrades can be done over the winter with no disruption to your property.

Make sure you are signed up for Irrigation Maintenance this year.

Let me know if you need access info. Also, please ask any other questions that come up.

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A former golf course superintendent, Matt obtained his degree in golf course management from the university of Maryland. Having worked at courses in Utah, Colorado and here in Maryland where irrigation is of extreme importance, his experiences with water management and hydraulics on the golf course has helped parlay that knowledge into the Residential design and implementation here at OI.

Irrigation Manager
Outdoor Irrigation



Richard previously worked in the landscape industry. He perfected his skills in designing, installing, and servicing landscape lighting in the residential and commercial field.

His responsibilities included 15+ years management, lighting, irrigation, drainage, gutter protection, holiday décor and customer service.

He has numerous published articles on various lighting techniques.

Responsibilities included scheduling, customer service, enhancement sales, system troubleshooting, training, special ordering, safety training

Richard D. Schoenbeck
Service Manager
Cell: 202.807.8749