Outdoor Illumination provides high-end outdoor lighting and a unique customer experience to commercial properties, including some of the most prestigious properties on the east coast.

We create a welcoming atmosphere, enhance safety, and help you and your constituents enjoy their outdoor spaces long after the sun sets, delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Custom-designed lighting… adding more living space, security, and value.

Architectural Lighting

Transform the evening atmosphere of your property. Well-placed lighting enhances curb appeal, accenting the most notable elements of architecture, providing a visual destination for you and your guests, and adding a measure of security.

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Access and Security

Visitors and associates alike will appreciate a welcoming lighting environment. Focus should include directing people to proper points of access, minimizing hazardous glare and dangerous dark pockets. Further, outdoor lighting is essential for most advanced security cameras.

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Unique Spaces

Hotels, Inns, Spas, Country Clubs, Restaurants, High End Multi Family Residential, Historic Properties. These unique gathering spaces require a special evening atmosphere, and lighting – the right lighting – will set the tone while providing appropriate safety and security.

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Signage and Exhibits

Signage is critical to identifying locations and directing both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Sculptures and other visual destinations also need complimentary lighting.

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Outdoor Irrigation

Our irrigation team works at numerous public spaces, including multi – family residential and hospitality centers of all kinds. Our team is carefully trained in considering the needs of these unique properties.

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Historic Properties

Outdoor Illumination has developed a reputation as a trusted resource for designing, carefully installing and maintaining exterior lighting at historic properties. Respecting the dignity of the place, and the needs of it’s patrons and visitors.

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Commercial Projects

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