Lighting Technician


The Lighting Technician at Outdoor Illumination performs lighting installation and maintenance on new and existing projects, and provides labor in support of related work (including irrigation and electrical work). We provide extensive on-the-job training for this position; experience is a plus but not necessary.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Possesses a growing knowledge and understanding of certain standards and procedures for installation. This may include ground fixture installations, plus tree and eave work; deck lighting; trench procedures (120V and 12V); hardscape bores; amp and voltage readings and management; transformer mounting and wiring; control systems; troubleshooting and maintenance; care of plant material on installation – and maintenance.
2. Support customer relations standards. While observing chain of command and deferring to Crew Leaders, this may include direct communication with clients, Design Consultants; Account Managers; General Contractors and client representatives. Other roles may include door hangers in select neighborhoods and other forms of “grass roots” marketing efforts.
3. Represent the firm according to professional standards for uniform, cleanliness, decorum and respect for property, both private and public.
4. Ensure that all paperwork is properly completed, and submitted in a timely basis. This includes time sheets, and internal forms as needed.
5. Maximizes billable hours on all projects. Work to achieve production goals under budgeted hours for contract work.
6. Protect and maintain company furnished tools and vehicles.
7. Adhere to safety standards, including but not limited to ladder usage, tree work, vehicle safety, electrical wiring, heavy lifting. Compliance with OSHA, DOT and other safety agencies. Prepare for proper management in the event an accident occurs on site, whether it happens to our associates or others.

Minor Duties:

1. Support Crew Leader and Management requests to achieve overall company goals.

Reporting Relationships:

1. Reports to the assigned Crew Leader.
2. Coordinates with Operations Manager.


1. Basic technical skills and some level of mechanical capability.
2. Willingness to work in all weather conditions. And a positive attitude.

Please reach out to us to inquire about joining our team.