The Internship position at Outdoor Illumination assists and performs lighting and irrigation installation and maintenance as well as some internal office work. The idea is to get experience in every aspect of our business.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Be on time and ready to work.
2. Support crew leaders and senior technicians in the field.
3. Represent the firm according to professional standards for uniform, cleanliness, decorum and respect for property, both private and public.
4. Protect and maintain company furnished tools and vehicles.
5. Adhere to safety standards, including but not limited to ladder usage, tree work, vehicle safety, electrical wiring, heavy lifting. Compliance with OSHA, DOT and other safety agencies. Prepare for proper management in the event an accident occurs on site, whether it happens to our associates or others.

Minor Duties:

1.Support office staff with specific tasks.


1. A genuine interest in the landscape industry.
2. Basic technical skills and some level of mechanical capability.
3. Willingness to work in all weather conditions. And a positive attitude.

Here is what our summer 2019 intern had to say:

I’d like to take the time to Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to have an awesome work experience this summer!

Coming into the internship, I was a little nervous at first. Lighting was not something that I’ve had much experience in the past, and my irrigation experience was just slightly better, but still limited. And then there’s always the usual nervousness about starting a new job, in an unfamiliar place, with new co-workers whom I’ve never met before.

However, after just the few weeks, I had felt like I was coming into a place where I had been working for years. Every one of your employees was more than willing to offer me help whenever I needed it, and they were all able to share with me their own unique information and methods of doing things. I was able to learn something different from everyone. But they all still welcomed me with open arms, and I truly felt like I had belonged there.

Being in such a unique line of work, every day was something different and I never knew what challenge was going to be presented to me. It’s not exactly like this is something that people have been doing for hundreds of years; so you almost have to figure it out as you go, learn from your mistakes, and create your own method of doing things. It is obvious that many of your employees have gone through this process; because it seemed that no matter what challenge was presented to them, they were ready for it and always had the answer. Being around guys like this every day was a humbling experience, and I realized that I will always have a lot to learn.

That being said, I can honestly say that I left my internship this summer knowing a whole lot more than I did coming in. I have been showing off to my classmates all week the different projects that I was lucky enough to work on and they can’t believe some of the places that I was able to go. The work that you do speaks for itself, and the properties that the work is able to get done on adds an entirely different element to how truly amazing some of these places are. And those kinds of opportunities aren’t just given out to everyone; it’s obvious that you guys have been able to earn that right over the years by not only being skilled enough at what you do, but also professional enough to meet the client’s needs.

Please reach out to us to inquire about joining our team.