Outdoor Illumination is very proud of our volunteering partnership with the Tregaron Conservancy in Northwest Washington. Every year in February, our staff joins Tregaron personnel to tackle a late-winter project aimed to improve the park not just for the coming season, but for the long-term health of the land as well. In February 2018, we worked to clear an invasive stand of bamboo, a perennial problem for many land owners. In a thank you letter, Tregaron Executive Director Lynn Parseghian wrote, “[A] tremendously productive day by your crew at Tregaron! Despite rainy, muddy conditions, they soldiered through and cleared a huge amount of tall bamboo from our Lower Pond Valley. The view along the stream bed is now beginning to be revealed, and before too long it will be magnificent! We are enormously grateful to your company for volunteering your services to help us heal the land from decades of invasive growth. I will spread the word through our various channels. When we lead tours, I regularly tout your terrific volunteer support. Many thanks again for an incredibly productive day!”