February 2018 was a busy month for our community and volunteering efforts. A week after our work at Tregaron, we geared up to tackle more invasive species, this time up in Bethesda, with the Little Falls Watershed Alliance. Executive Director Sarah Morse related a story to us about our staff, and it’s the kind of story we know all too well: “On behalf of the Little Falls Watershed Alliance, I would like to thank you for sending Eddie and Lex over yesterday to clear non-native invasive from the banks of the Little Falls Branch in Bethesda. We worked in the Green Acres neighborhood along the creek at Little Falls Drive where we are working in partnership with DOT to put in native landscaping. Thanks to you, the area is now cleared and ready for spring planting. It will get under-story trees, grasses and wildflowers. Your workers were so enthusiastic, hard working, and committed to the project. I really can’t say enough about them. Let’s just say that digging out 12 or so huge bush honeysuckle stumps was their idea of fun. After finishing a really large and challenging stump, which I thought would be the last for the day, they went on and dug out another 6 in the 20 minutes we had before quitting time. They wanted to make sure they didn’t leave anything undone. Please thank the guys again for me, and thank you for your stewardship.” We say thank you for the opportunity to help, and for Eddie and Lex to get their stump on.